Tuesday, February 23, 2010

300 Test

Ever since becoming a Mommy, my life has been pretty consumed by Mia. As you can tell from my blogging. However, Mark has made it a point to make sure he is available at least twice a week for me to go to bootcamp (and also randomly for me to jog with Stoli). When I first started bootcamp just over a month ago, we did a 300 test so that we could gauge our improvements. When we did this test in January, my time was just over 25 minutes. Yesterday, we did the exact same test again. I completed it in just over 18 minutes this time. Yes, in one month, I shaved 7 minutes off my time! Even more amazing to me... the first time I did the test, I came home and almost passed out from dizziness. Yesterday, I jogged home after the test. I've come a long ways.

Yesterday was Mia's 4 Month birthday and I was officially at my pre-pregnancy weight. (What I weighed in at the first time I went to the doctor and the weight we used to measure my weight gain. So I guess, technically, I was a few weeks pregnant) We are so very excited to have hit that milestone.

But I still have a ways to go. I'll feel accomplished when I'm back at my pre-pregnancy fitness level. For me, that means running a sub 1 hour 10K and 50 regular push ups. The reason I've identified these 2 goals is because one encourages cardiovascular endurance while the other works on my strength training.

To help with my end goal, I'm shooting to complete my first triathlon some time this year. I was aiming for May, but the bike I want is on back order. It's slated to come in mid-March, but it might be later. Anyways, I just have to put this goal in writing so that I am not so tempted to back off of it. Hold myself responsible. Because by nature, I'm a pretty lazy person.

So who's in for a triathlon? Someone? Anyone?


Tina Fragale said...

Hey Mary,
I stumbled across y'alls blog through various clicking of links on facebook. Anyways, Renato and I have done the Pflugerville tri the last two years. It is a good one because the course is nearby and it is definitely helpful to train on the actual course (biking and swim anyways). I would recommend either that one (less people) or the Danskin as beginner tri's. Anyways we try and go for a ride on saturdays that are free and both of us need to get on the training train, so if you want accountability, you are welcome to join us. :)

Oh, and if you do decide to do the Pville one, I recommend signing up earlier rather than later because registration does close out due to the small numbers allowed.

See ya around!

Mary said...

Hey, Tina! email me your address @longhorn_bella@yahoo.com. I have questions for you!