Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow *Day* 2010

If you live in Austin, you get *maybe* one snowday every few years. That's why it's not confusing when I title my pictures "Snowday 2007" or in this case, "Snowday 2010". There's only one day a year at most!

This year, that day was yesterday. It was coming down hard and furious starting about 9AM. It continued at that rate until about 3pm when it finally slowed back down. Unfortunately, Mark and I worked until about 4pm before we were finally able to take a break, go get Mia and take some pictures. Our snow pictures were a bit weak, but at least we got to build a sizeable snowman!

This is the front yard in the morning. It was coming down pretty good, but hasn't really started accumulating yet.

Stoli was the only one that really got to play in the snow. He wouldn't go out to potty with all that wet stuff falling down... unless I threw the ball for him. So here's him in the backyard with me standing in the doorway of the back door.

Mark obviously does not believe in jackets or coats.

Mark & Mia with the snowman I built. It's more like the Chiquita Banana lady with the pineapple on the head and a banana for a nose. (Yes, those are Stoli's cookies used for the eyes. He made us give them back to him when we were done)
And here's me with my kids. You can *almost* see Mia's eyes!


Michelle said...

Uh, you aren't going to be able to hold Mia much longer! She's going to be taller than you in a few months! That girl is long!

Mary said...

haha! You're right Michelle =) She really is pretty long. But she does appear longer when I hold her because I'm not long!