Saturday, October 1, 2011

Diabolical Plan

Of all the words people have used to describe me, diabolical is not one that has come up. However last night, Mary found out about a diabolical plan than I have been working on for the last 3 1/2 months.
On July 1 when Mary went on bed rest I started putting Mia to bed every night. I still put her to bed most nights as currently Mary has Jude duty.
My bedtime routine for Mia is that I give her a bath, then get her dressed, then I read her a story while she drinks milk. After that I take her in the bathroom to brush her teeth. THEN I take Mia out of the bathroom and I have trained her to put one hand on my shoulder and her other hand in my hand, and we 2-step from the bathroom to her room, I spin her twice, I kiss her on the cheek then dip her into her crib. Sounds sweet, right?
Here is the diabolical part. When dancing, a guy usually leads with the left hand and put his right hand on the hip. With Mia, I have done the opposite. I lead with my right hand, so Mia holds my hand with her left hand, and puts her right hand on my shoulder. Essentially, I am 2 stepping with her backwards. Additionally, I tell her while we are dancing that any boy who doesn't know how to 2 step correctly is an idiot.
By the time Mia is old enough to go to dances, I will have completely trained her to 2 step backwards. Then every time some dopey kid tries to dance with her, she is going to think he is an idiot, and the only guy in the world who knows how to 2 step correctly is her Daddy.

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