Saturday, October 1, 2011

2 Months Old

My smiley baby boy turns 2 months old today! Jude, I LOVE being at home with you. You fuss, but all you ever wan to do is cuddle.

Jude Update:
  • Weight: 11lbs, 3 oz, Height: 22 in, Head: 39cm. 5% all the way around!
  • It turns out, Jude has acid reflux. He has all the classic symptoms. Fussiness with eating. Arching back. Lots and lots of spit up after many many hours of fussing over gas bubbles. Our pediatrician prescribed some Axid for him in hopes that it will simply "soothe" the AR. He will continue to spit up, but hopefully be a little happierabout it.
  • He also seems to be struggling with his regularity now. Ugh. This poor child. We went toHouston over the weekend and he didn't go the whole time we were there. I finally gave in and got him some suppositories to assist him and whoa-la. 3 days worth of poop. TMI,Iknow. But I did a happy dance.
  • It's finally starting to cool of just a touch. Just in time for Jude to make his debut outdoors!
Jude snoozing away in his carseat while Mia plays at the park. So sweet!

Last week, Uncle Tommy got to make a trip to Austin. He got to see both his babies, Stephanie and go to ACL fest. Talk about productive!

And some random pics for Mia... on her "pooter"

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