Friday, July 1, 2011

Man of the Year Award

Must go to my loving husband this week.

You've kept our home and our family running while I sit here a lump on this bed.

You've taken over all the middle of the night cries. The morning wake up calls. Getting Mia breakfast and ready for school. Dropping her off, taking Stoli for a run. Working, house chores, playing operator all while taking random calls from the hospital-nut inquiring about how her family is doing. And of course, driving back and forth so that I can see this aforementioned family.

As far as hospital stays go, I guess we're fortunate that this is on the shorter end. But I know it is still so very exhausting for you. And yet you're such a trooper. Continuing to do it all. Well.

I could never thank you enough. But I love you forever.

PS - This is a "hospital" Not a "hotel"

PPS - At least I waited a week for this to happen. If it was a week earlier you would've been in the midst of packing for boy's trip! That would've been a real party pooper!

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