Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Day


You know you need more activity when you sleep from 4AM - 7AM and you feel well rested all day. But for good or bad, I do!

Breakfast and then a long chat with my sweet sister-in-law Jenni was a wonderful way to start out the day. Shortly after the phone call, Tommy came to visit. Mark showed up 2 minutes before the ultrasound technician came by. So all 3 of us got to see baby Jude again... in 3D! So very sweet. They were impressed with the clarity. Most importantly, everything looked good and the cervix was measuring 1.2 cm. Same as Wed! No shortening!!!

About an hour after the ultrasound, my midwife Lisa and nurse came in. They took me off the magnesium sulfate, penicillin and IV. This meant I could shower!!! I ordered lunch at noon. And waited. I didn't want to jump into the shower before the lunch came... it gets so cold so quickly.

2:30, Mark leaves to go get Mia from school. And here comes lunch. Along with my wonderful in-laws! With fresh fruit, a book and a beautiful little arrangement! My room is all spruced up =) Kathie Quinn was right on their tails with some seriously delicious cupcakes. How do I know? Mia dug right into one as soon as she got here. As did Papa =) We had ourselves a regular little party.

Everyone had to leave for Friday engagements which left just the 3 Neubauers in the room. Mark was crashed out on the sofa bed. Mia attempted to rest in my belly, but kept saying, hurt Mama! The fetal monitors =) She finally settle down between my legs for about 10 minutes. We wrestled around for about an hour or so before it got to be a little too intense for Mama. Mia & Mark headed home for some dinner and much needed sleep.

Shooooower time! Fresh sheets. And Food Network. Life is starting to feel a little more normal. I can't wait to get home tomorrow. It will be tough for the first few days as we learn how to transition, but it will be nice to be in the comforts of home.

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