Wednesday, July 6, 2011

34 Weeks

Week: 34
Weight gained to-date: 29 lbs
Belly measurement: 38 1/2 inches
Estimated Baby size: 3 lbs
Swelling: None yet
Stretch Marks: None yet

How Mommy's feeling: Rested. I was going to say bored, but I'm not completely yet. I still have lots that needs to get done that I still haven't gotten to. I'm adjusting to the speed of life that I now have to live.

Happenings: I know that everything happens for a reason. And although we had quite a little scare last week, things are coming into perspective. For weeks now, I've wondered how I was going to get through this hot summer, quarter close and a toddler just before a newborn was to arrive. I was already so tired and the worst was yet to come. The afternoon after I discussed with my manager all my desk responsibilities and reassured him that I still had almost 2 months before Baby would arrive, I got admitted to the hospital. God has impeccable timing, doesn't he? So here I am. Rested and resting. And spending quality time with Jude. I use to say that I didn't think he moved as much as Mia. I'm rethinking that! Now that I'm sitting still enough to focus, Jude moves plenty! And when he does, he kicks really hard, too. For months, Mark and I have been concerned about Mia's attachment to Mommy and how we would work to develop the bond between her and Daddy so to make her transition easier. Here we are. Mommy can no longer lift and chase Mia. She can't take her take her to or pick her up from school much less participate in extracurricular activities with her. And so she's come to rely on and trust in Daddy. I must say, I love seeing her run to him and bury her head in his chest. It makes me feel so much better when I see that she can seek refuge in someone other than me. She may be our oldest, but she's still just a baby after all.

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