Thursday, July 14, 2011

Struggling to Do it All

The last few weeks have been rather stressful Ever since Mary went to the hospital our little world has been a little roller coaster. Mary's parents came up to visit us the weekend that Mary got out and filled our fridge and freezer with homemade food.
Jenni, Embrey and my Dad came in town the next weekend to keep us company and help us in any way that they could.
With Mary on bed rest, I have been taking over most of the other responsibilities around the house. Taking Mia to and from school, grocery shopping, laundry etc. while still handling my job has been challenging.
The biggest frustration I am running into right now is that I feel like I am trying to juggle so many things that I really don't feel like I am doing any of them well. The frustrating part about it is not the fact that I am too busy, or that I have too much on my plate.
It bothers me that I see 5 or 6 things that I could do really really well if I had more time to actually do it. My workouts, when I have time to workout, are pretty pathetic. I realized yesterday that I hadn't taken Stoli for a walk in 2 days. It is so hot that if I don't wake up at 5:30 to get Mia out of bed, then run downstairs to take Stoli for a walk first thing in the morning, the odds of me taking him for a walk after work is slim. I rarely have time to cook outside of the weekend.
I shouldn't complain as I know that I am really lucky in that the doctors were able to work their magic to keep Jude from coming out too early, and when he gets here my schedule is going to be even more restrictive. It just feels like right now I am not able to do anything as good as I potentially could.
The heat of summer is probably driving some of this irritability in that I can't get outside much and when I get home with Mia in the afternoon I am rather restricted to staying in the house with her as it is too hot to take her and Stoli outside.


Mary said...

You're doing a fantastic job. And getting better every day. No one can ask any more of you!

Your Toughest Critic

Mark Neubauer said...

you are nowhere close to being my toughest critic