Friday, July 1, 2011

Break time


Mia's been having a difficult time sleeping through the night due to her congestion. After 2 visits upstairs last night, I called her pediatrician first thing in the morning and took her in. She has developed a slight infection in one ear. They put her on amoxycillan.

Then I went to my own primary doc for the same problem later in the afternoon. Before leaving the house, I made sure to go to the bathroom when I noticed a slight bloody show.

Doc diagnosed upper respiratory infection with some pressure behind the ears, but no ear infection yet. Gave me some nasal spray to clear things up.

On the way home, I called the OB about what I saw. They had me come in for a check up. Exams and fetal monitoring. I showed 3 contractions in 20 min on the monitor. They decided to wheel me across the street to the hospital for more testing. It was now about 6'ish anyways.

After more tests, ultrasound and monitoring, the tests all came back negative. But the contractions were still coming 5 min apart for the 4 hours they had been monitoring despite my attempts at over hydrating. And the ultrasound measured my cervix length at 1.2 cm. Apparently the cervix shortens before it starts opening (dilating) for labor. At this stage in the pregnancy, they were expecting the length to be 3-4 cm. So I was only 25-50% of where I should be. That test and the contractions pretty much bought me a ticket to an overnight stay at the hospital

Around 11:30pm, I started IV's and magnesium sulfate drip. The mag sulfate helps to relax the smooth muscles to reduce the contractions. The initial dosage was terrible and made me lose my dinner, but it worked.

Good news is that Jude looks very healthy in there. He's moving around a ton. He keeps trying to grab his feet. Which is probably why I feel him so much!!! Also, they were able to get a few 3D shots while they worked. To me, he looks like a splitting image of his sister. He is for sure a Jr. as he is already trying to get places FAR too early. I'm trying to make him understand that it is a party foul to show up this early. Hopefully he is not as stubborn as his old man =) We feel he's doing this in part to spite his sister already. She says, "no Jude, go away!" He says, "I'll show you!" Sigh, sibling rivalry will not be lost on these two!

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