Thursday, June 23, 2011

32 Weeks

Week: 32
Weight gained to-date: 30 lbs
Belly measurement: 38 1/2 inches
Estimated Baby size: 16.7 inches, 3.75 lbs
Swelling: Still hanging in there!
Stretch Marks: None yet

How Mommy's feeling: Today I spent another 3 hours of my life at CPL doing the dreaded glucose test. I was tired and hungry and the orange syrup just made me nauseous for the 3 hours I was there. Immediately after leaving the lab, I ran straight over to Chik-fil-A and devoured a chicken biscuit before heading home, taking Stoli for a nap and finally pulling myself out of my coma for my afternoon meetings. UPDATE: I've passed! Bring on the goodies!

Happenings: We've finally finished all our childbirth classes. Now it's time to put the book studies to practice! We've only got 6-8 weeks to get our routine down before Jude makes his grand entrance! In other good news... Uncle Tommy got a job offer with Apple Computers! Bad news... he'll be moving to Cupertino, CA in about a month =( We're so happy and proud, but very very sad that he'll be far far away.

I saved the most fun for last. We did our maternity shoot as I previously mentioned and Leah got the shoot on her blog. YAY! There are a few other shots that she sent us that didn't make the blog so I'll share those on our blog at a later date. But until then, you can head over to Mary's Maternity to see the wonderful job Leah did.

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