Monday, March 28, 2011

Zilker Park

Mia's favorite thing these days: PARKS. Everyday after she gets home from Nanny's, 20 minutes later she tells us it's time to "walk." She goes and pulls out her stroller and proceeds to try to climb in on her own. So you know she was super stoked when she arrived at Zilker Park on Saturday and it was a beautiful day! Sorry about the flooding of pictures in this post. Usually we just have our little camera or Mark's iphone camera on us. With Mia being so squirrel-ie these days, it's hard to get one, much less a few, good shots. Saturday we remembered our good camera however. So many good shots I couldn't decide which to cut. So lucky you... here are most of them!
Mia's favorite things at the park were swings and slides. Until she discovered rocks.

Getting ready to go on the Zephyr with Daddy

Mark looks happy, Mia looks confused and Mary looks REALLY excited

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Linda said...

There's no such thing as too many pictures. Keep them coming. =)