Monday, March 28, 2011

The Business of Growing Things

Spring is in the air and we have LOTS growing here at the Neubauer house!

I am now into the mid-way mark. I can't believe how fast Baby Dos is growing in there. We had our 20-week ultrasound today and yes, I have another super active one in there. Legs were swinging, arms were pumping. At one point, there was a hand over the forehead and a giant (Stoli-esque) yawn. It was so adorable. It's quite incredible that something 0.5 lbs can be so developed. God is Great!

The interesting thing about the visit was how baby was measuring. Based on my cycles, Baby's due date is August 17th and should have been measuring 19 weeks and 5 days today. However, based on the ultrasound and their estimate of Baby, it was measuring only 18 weeks and 4 days today. A whole week and day behind and measuring in the 25th percentile. At this point, we aren't concerned because I'm obviously a smaller mommy and Mia was born slightly smaller (but still normal) and is now in the 5oth percentile. Still interesting to note, nonetheless.

I finally realized that we need to start documenting this pregnancy for Baby Dos. Aye! Here I am in Week 19. And look who snuck into our baby shot with their fruit snacks... =)

The other big thing we're working on growing is a garden! As an early birthday present, Mark built me a family garden box. It's a HUGE box! Saturday he set it up in the backyard, we went to the nursery to get plants and seeds and here we are trying to get things going

The hope is that we can have something resembling produce by my birthday!

Hopefully with all of Mia's experience in gardening (she's been helping Nanny set up their gardens this year), we'll be harvesting by the bushel soon!

She's very serious about her work


Down right silly


The K-13's said...

I like the picture of Mia with you in your 19 week picture... such a goober... I think that's frame worthy or scrapbook worthy!

Mary said...

Isn't that hilar? So typical around here though. She's like a little shadow... usually munching on something. =)