Tuesday, March 22, 2011

17 Months (Going on 17 Years)

More than before, I'm starting to notice that Mia is moving away from being an infant and definitely knee-deep in toddler-hood. Some key notes:
  • She loves wearing shoes. One Saturday, she woke up and immediately insisted on putting shoes (pink flip flop sandals) on. She was still wearing pj's.
  • And she calls them "shoes" now. Not so much "jews" any more.
  • She still eats most everything on her plate. But instead of starting from closest to furthest away from her (I put the things I want her to eat first closest), she starts with what she likes most first. When that's all gone, she demands more. If you're a sucker and give her more, she'll continue eating that item (usually cottage cheese). If you don't give her more, she'll move on to the next items in order of favorite. Eventually she'll finish her plate.
  • Now that the sun is making a comeback, she'll wear her shades when we go out. But only when it's sunny. If the sun happens to duck behind a cloud, she pushes her shades onto her forehead. When it comes back out, she pulls them back down.
  • She's learned to ask for things like cookies ("kickies") and ice cream ("eye-dy") and blanket ("badgie")

  • She sits on chairs at tables, even when she can't reach. She cleans up her moutn and the table after she's done eating (not necessarily in that order). And she likes to throw away trash. Over the weekend, I found her wiping her mouth after lunch on a wet wipe - that she had dug out of Embrey's trash. Ewwweee.
  • She likes to exercise. Mia frequently makes an appearance at bootcamp and has picked up a few things. She comes home, lays down on her yoga mat, picks up her legs, puts them down while chanting, "UP! DOWN. UP! DOWN." She gets bored after about 5 reps.
  • She is obsessed with walks and parks. She knows to go get her stroller and Bubba when it's time for a walk. At the park, the kids are ok. But her primary focus are the swings and slides.
  • She knows quite a number of animals and their sounds now. Daddy's favorite game to play with her is animal sounds. They rattle them off really fast.
  • I didn't know this, but squatting is a major milestone. Mia is a squatting expert now.

But she's still mostly a baby. And I love that.

  • Her thighs, wrists, hands, ankles and feet are a dead give away that this is still a baby.
  • One day last month, Mia got mistaken for a 5 month old. Probably has to do with the fact that she still has very little hair. But 5 months? Really? She was running around, sitting in a booster seat and nawing on a crab leg at a restaurant.
  • Her growth seems to be slowing down a bit. She's weighing in about 22.5 lbs. Though her pants were getting short, last we checked. Haven't measured her height since her last appointment. She's outgrowing most of her size 4 shoes and getting more comfortable in her 5's.
  • She mostly baby talks.
  • She still loves her morning and night milk "ba-ba's". She still loves her "froggy" and she still cuddles like a champ.
  • She runs, but still like a baby. With one chicken wing swinging and stomping her feet.


Linda said...

I just love these monthly milestone entries. Her outfit is adorable. I dearly love this child (just in case you didn't already know that). =)

Mary said...

We love her a pretty good deal, too =) And her outfit... a gift from her Cousin Megan!

The K-13's said...

Is the sink broken? Is she going to fix it?

Mary said...

Mia finds that sometimes it's faster to get to the oven through the sink than to squat down and open the oven itself. Where does she get this from???