Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness HIGH Stakes!

Life has been pretty crazy recently. Between Mark working many many extra hours to get through the madness of work AND delivering performance reviews to his entire team, we have my work, childbirth classes, bootcamps, training sessions, special events, and of course, Stoli and Mia.

Somehow, March Madness snuck up on us and Mark didn't get his usual Pick 'Em group done in a timely manner. Driving home from class last night, I was just thinking to myself, March Madness is not the same without Pick 'Em. And we do it EVERY year! So I told Mark, since the tournament already starts tomorrow, we should do one with just the 2 of us. And make the stakes something non-monetary. The first thing to pop in my head was loser has to wash winner's car.

Mark thought the concept was a good idea, but he said he wanted to think of something MORE interesting to bet on. After a few minutes, I got the ingenious idea. Poor Baby Dos will hear this story one day... Just for the record, everyone else thinks this is a good idea, too.

On March 28th, we have our 20 week anatomy ultrasound where we will have the opportunity to find out the gender of Baby Dos. I suggested that the winner will find out the gender either at the appointment (if they are so far in the lead) or find out as soon as the tournament ends. The loser has to wait almost a month later, Easter, to find out the news. The catch is that the winner gets that time to find out a creative way to announce the news to the loser and the rest of our family and friends!

Let the games begin.

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