Thursday, March 17, 2011

Look! Hair!

Mark and I are in the midst of a 12 week childbirth course. Every Wednesday evening, we attend a 2 hour class. During that time, Mia usually gets to play with Miss Stephanie (my best friend's sister). This week, however, her usual sitter is away for Spring Break and so Nini and Papa came to fill-in.

Mia enjoyed a big dinner with them and then headed outside to show off her bubble skills. It was a beautiful afternoon and we were able to capture just a few with her wearing a hair clip for the first time.


The K-13's said...

YAY Finally some sprigs of hair!! :) Wonder if her little brother or sister is going to come out with more hair then her??

Mary said...

There's a good chance. It's hard to come out with LESS =)