Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mia's 1st Birthday... Cont'd

Same day, 2nd entry. Apparently blogspot only allows one video per entry. Imagine that...

I believe we left off with the feeding the goats??

Farmer Mia driving her tractor

We found someone nice enough who wasn't corralling their children to take the one picture of the 3 of us.

After some pumpkin icecream and the hayride, which she really loved, we finally headed out and just in time for the 2nd nap of the day.

We went straight from Marble Falls to her 1-year well visit. So if you're wondering... here's what Mia's been up to:
  • Stats: Weight: 19 lbs 11 oz (30th percentile. my arms lied. they told me she was about 21 lbs!), Height: 29 inches (50th percentile. almost half Mommy's height of 61 inches... btw, that means she's grown 8 1/2 inches in one year! that's from Daddy), Head: 45.7 cm (70th percentile. I think she got that from Mommy)
  • In 2 weeks, her walking has improved dramatically. She can walk across the room sometimes without falling. She can stop mid-walk if she's unstable and regain her balance and then keep going. She can also do a 180 and almost get back up from squatting position to standing. Her legs are so strong!
  • Here are some words in her vocabulary: Mama, Dada, baba (bottle), bubble, balloon, ball, bow, more, this, peace (please), uppa (up), nigh nigh (sleep), hi, buh-bye, Ja-ja (Jasmine), Gigi (Chrissy), Nha Nha (Nanny Michelle), Manny (Male Nanny aka Kurt) and doggy. She can also tell you that doggies go "woe woe woe"
  • She also does alot of motions and signing. She can wave high, give you a high-5, blow kissess and punch pow-pow-pow. She can sign "more", "eat", "milk" and her very own creation "waffle". She signs "waffle" by putting her hand to her mouth like "eat" but then she blows on her fingers like it's hot... cause that's what Gigi does when she feeds her waffles!
  • She wears 12-18 month old clothing although some 12 months still fit. Her shoe size is 4! Her diaper size is still 3.
  • Mia loves climbing. Stairs, chairs, Stoli, pumpkins, you name it, she wants to scale it.
  • She's also really into kicking. Balls are fine. But she also likes to stomp on things that aren't neccessarily meant to be played with the feet. Like her tea set.
  • When you give her a baby doll, she holds it over one shoulder and sways from side to side while patting it on the back.
  • Mommy is still Mia's person of choice. Although she now likes Daddy pretty good. Unless Daddy is standing next to Mommy and then he gets the cold shoulder. She still has a preference of female over male so maybe Nanny is still one step above Daddy.
  • Mia loves to read books. She loves turning the pages and pointing at things to show you. At bedtime, she has a preference for the books that play music. I have to sing them for her. Some reason she likes that... I have a terrible singing voice!
  • Oh, and balloons popping don't phase her. Though they scare the bejebees out of Stoli.

After the doctor's visit, we came home and were greeted by Uncle Tommy and cousin Diesel. Shortly thereafter, Ong and Ba arrived from Houston and they all took Mia out for her birthday dinner. We went to Mangu's here in Pflugerville... a Carribean style restaurant where Mia dined on tostones and mofongo. She loved it. To entertain her before dinner arrived, Uncle Tommy treated her to a wedge of lime. Why is it always the Uncle???

Oh Uncle. This is why you are NOT my favorite

After dinner, it was FINALLY bedtime for Mia. Outside of her original BIRTHday. This might've been the longest funnest day of Mia's little life.

Tomorrow... the PARTY!!!

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