Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mia's 1st Birthday Party

What a party it was. Like most first time Mom's, I've been thinking about my first child's birthday party ever since she turned 3 months old. Yes, January. In my defense, that was also when I returned to work so it was something pleasant for me to busy my mind with.

But the real party execution didn't go into effect until early September. Yes, about 2 months out, invitations were ordered so that I had to commit myself to this date. But even with all that planning and pre-planning, I still ended up staying up well past 2AM the night before the party putting finishing touches on the bigger stuff. And kept Ba (who usually goes to bed at 9PM) up with me!

Here we are decorating the cupcakes and party favor cookies

The theme as Rubber Ducky. As the invitations read, "Rubber Ducky, You're the 1... To Make Mia's 1st Birthday So Much FUN!"

Birthday Detail shots (thx Dean!)

We knew that there was no way Mia would sit through a long drawn out present opening period. So we just let her open them as she was in the mood. As it turns out, she is her mother's daughter. She LOVED presents!

Attacking the first batch

Hey! What's over there?

Yes, she is wearing double head accessories. Give the girl a break. Her birthday's a special occassion!

I think Mia's trying to trade her Papa a toy for some of his beer???

Explaining to her Godmother Terri how wonderful waffles are

Mia enjoying some time with her Papa!

The Party Girl indicating that it is time to open the food buffet!

some Birthday dinner

Her guests follow suite and enjoy some dinner and drinks

Round 2 of gift opening

I think of all the things she received that day, Mia's favorite was the card Uncle Tommy gave her. It played music.

Mia's Rubber Ducky themed party also highlighted a duck pond filled with balloons. She had a rockin time and so did her guests. Aunt Stephanie, especially!

Not too happy to be exiting the duck pond

Did you know that Mia has a big sister? She does! This is Nanny Michelle's daughter Jasmine. Mia's stand-in big sister.

It's cake time! Or rather, cupcakes.

Featuring... Mia's very own smash cake!

And here's how it all went down...

To the winner goes the spoils. Spoils. Not Spoiled.

One of my favorite snapshots of the day. Mia looks so surprised

Mia with Ong and Ba. Love the face she chose to display

Party favors for all our guests. Homemade, of course!

And, you know it's a good party when the guest of honor sheds her top and runs around the yard with her arms up in the air.

1st birthday party. Success.


Without Melissa said...

I've been meaning to ask what you guys did to celebrate! This is WONDERFUL - I love the theme and it looks like the birthday girl had an incredible time.

She is getting so big, I just can't even believe it.

Happy (belated) birthday sweet Mia!

Cousin Melissa

Mrs. Lam said...

This is the cutest party EVER!!! You should go into business. You are so creative! Mia is precious and it looks like everyone had a great time.
-Heather Lam

Mary said...

Thx ladies! The important part was that Mia had a good time. Fortunately, her naps were right on schedule that day so she played happily right up until bedtime. Crucial =)

Heather, wouldn't it be great to do what you love and make money for it??? haha, maybe one day. I had so much fun doing it, 2nd birthday is already in the works. LOL