Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mia

What a huge-mung-ous weekend Mia had celebrating her 1st birthday. She started out the morning with a big morning welcome as her entire family entered her room... Mom, Dad & Stoli with cameras in hand.

After a little clowning around in the room, she quickly got dressed and went downstairs to take Stoli for a walk. As we walked out the door, Stoli and Dad (first outside) stopped dead in their tracks and said, "You've GOT to be kidding." Mom, still in the house was thinking, "Oh no! Is it raining???" Until she, too, stepped outside.

"AAACK! We've been BIRTHDAY WRAPPED!" But who could've done this? Mark was like, really?? Who else? Nanny Michelle. Oh yeah. Right. These birds gave it away

Turns out Nanny Michelle and Chrissy (AKA Gigi) snuck over to the house at 6:30AM to deck it out in BAlloons, streamers, birthday banners, signs and pink flamingos. What love! Mia had a ball laughing at it all. So did Mommy & Daddy.

So we changed the route of our walk to hike over to the Grady-Hausermann's to thank them for the lovely Pflugerville gesture. We had a good time hanging out and chatting in the front yard, but Mia was a bit confused when it came time to leave and we took her back home with us. She's use to staying with Nanny when we drop her off in the mornings.

After the walk, Daddy made homemade Belgian waffles for the entire family. Mia and Stoli gobbled them all up (so did Mommy *_*). And then after breakfast, it was finally time to load up and head out. By this time, it was high time for Mia's nap and she conked out within 10 minutes of getting in the car. Perfect. 1 1/2 hour drive out to the Sweet Berry farm which is just about the length of her nap.

When we finally got there, Mia was well rested and ready to go! And go she did. What a great place for her to burn lots and lots of energy. First, she discovered baby pumpkins and gourds... all of which she was a HUGE fan of. She carried baby pumpkins, she sorted baby pumpkins.

She walked from pumpkin patch to pumpkin patch, walk, crawling, walking, bear crawling. She climbed over, around and through giant pumpkins.

And when she was tired of pumpkins, she took a hay ride, fed goats and petted horsies.

To be continued...

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