Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 22-24, 2010: Leavenworth, WA

Driving into Leavenworth
A few days after we arrived at Cathy & Adam's, we planned a trip out to Leavenworth, WA.

A little history on Leavenworth:
In the 1900's Leavenworth became a booming town with the arrival of the Great Northern rail line. The rail brought with it a sawmill and a healthy logging industry. When the railway re-routed and the sawmill subsequently closed, Leavenworth was transformed from the bustling town into a ghost town. It stayed this way for 30 years.

Then in 1960, in a last ditch effort, the towns people rallied. The leaders decided to change the town's appearance to draw in tourism. Utilizing the beautiful mountainous backdrop they chose to go with a Bavarian theme. But it's not just a facade. They also worked tirelessly to create festivals for their visitors.

Today, Leavenworth draws more than a million tourists each year. And after our visit, we'd say they did a DARN good job!

This was our scenery upon our arrival

Mia and Ba as we stopped for a late lunch at a brewery. The beer there was AWESOME

Mia hamming it up as usual for the camera
The next day we went out for a jog and Cathy and I came across the most beautiful clearing. The water was icy cold and crystal clear.

No Bavarian village would be complete without goats. Here were the 2 that resided at the putting green. We first encountered them at night and I thought it was some odd long haired dog. Then we got closer. Yowzers. Goats. Cathy tried to feed one of them a dog biscuit. Not so much. Apparently they have a preference for dinner rolls.

Meeting the goats

I kid you not, we stayed at the most amazing inn, the Enzian Inn. I would recommend them to anyone ten-fold. They were so kind, the hotel was so accessible and the breakfast buffet was more than accommodating. On top of it all, was Old Man Bob and his horn. Yes, he played this every morning outside the breakfast hall for the guests. The kids were enthralled.

Some more beautiful pics from the balcony of the breakfast hall

One parting shot of the family in the Inn before we left

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