Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stoli, The Super Dog. Sort Of.

Stoli will always be my first baby. He's always been a Momma's boy, following me around and always wanting to be in my lap. Since the pregnancy, even more so. He moves around to sleep in every room that I go to. He sleeps snug snug snug to my side.

Now that I'm finally moving into the end of my pregnancy, I've finally encountered this little inconvenience that most mother-to-be's start experiencing much earlier on... middle of the night bathroom breaks! As I've mentioned before, the swelling in my fingers has caused them to feel a bit arthritic, especially when they've when they haven't been used in a little while and stiffen (like the middle of the night). Getting out of bed is not impossible, but more difficult. I must brace myself on the bed so that I can push this belly up and out. Well, the last few days, the joints and ligaments in my body seem to have been really loosening. This makes my body really unreliable since I'm not really sure that I ever have a good grip on anything (have to be really careful with dishes and glasses) and the pushing up off the soft bed can sometimes be painful for my hands since the bed gives so much.

This is where Stoli comes in. When he hears me moving around and trying to get out of bed, he gets out of bed (from Mark's side), comes over to stand next to me and I use his head, much firmer than the bed and a little higher as well, as my crutch. He doesn't duck or move suddenly, but rather stands really still and steady until I'm ready to start moving towards the bathroom. Then he takes a few steps with me and then goes to lay back down.

What more could you ask for?

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Cathy said...

Aww hopefully when I'm pregnant. Dually will just give me a lift to the restroom! haha