Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week 35

Taking a break in Salado

Stoli wishing Aunt Jenni happy birthday
... and wishing for a slice of her cake *_*

Fall is here! This week, the weather's been cool enough that I was actually able to work with the windows open and the AC off a few days. This weekend, we started Friday night with a sweet baby shower thrown by my old IBM coworkers. Then we spent Saturday in the quaint little town of Salado with my in-laws celebrating my Jenni's b-day! We carried it on into Sunday morning with a huge brunch hosted at our home by Mark. Sunday night was spent with our neighbors Emily & Hunter and Tommy & Stephanie over a giant pot of gumbo and delicious pumpkin cake.

Week: 35
Weight gained to-date: 30 lbs (it was a BIG weekend of celebratory foods)
Belly measurement: oops. I forgot to check!
Estimated Baby size: just over 5 lbs
Swelling: My ankles have doubled in size since last week. The only shoes that now fit are my flip flops and crocs. Lovely for work
Stretch Marks: Nothing yet to report
How Mommy's feeling: Stiff. Like I'm retaining too much water
Happenings: This week, Mark & I attended our Breastfeeding class. We weren't really sure what to expect, but certainly learned ALOT. It was really very overwhelming for me as a mother and brought it all home. This is real. Sleep will be a dream for at least the first 2 weeks. Baby eats every 2 hours. Expect 10-12 diapers a day. Mark's going to get really really good at swaddling and diaper changing to even it out. In other news, I learned that I can now balance a small bowl of ice cream on my belly. I think I'll have made it when I can balance a pho-size bowl

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