Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 34

Well, the weather has finally turned more bearable (as in we're out of the triple digits) and I'm finally turning into my last lap of this race! 6 more weeks to go so I'll try to keep better status of our week to week progress.

Week: 34
Weight gained to-date: 26 lbs
Belly measurement: 39.5 inches (whoa!!!)
Estimated Baby size: 18 inches, 4.5 lbs
Swelling: YES! Hands, feet, ankles are starting as well.
Stretch Marks: Not yet. But I've been lathering up cause I keep seeing signs of them on my bottom. But I've been seeing that since about month 4. *Maybe* we'll get lucky???
How Mommy's feeling: Over all, pretty good. I'm excited that I made it through the Texas tailgate and the game. Also soooo happy that we beat Tech!!! Goooo Horns!
Happenings: This week, we got the pack 'n play which will double as our bassinett for the first few months. I also got around to cleaning and steralizing the beautiful glass baby bottles that were used as vases at my first baby shower. Now we have 6 ready to go! At my 34 week appointment, Dr. Collins feels that the baby should arrive some time between the middle of October and the first week of November. A pretty conservative estimate all around. She expects the baby's birth weight to be around the low 7 lbs which is exactly what I've been shooting for.

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