Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sleepless Nights

My first blog

This is my first blog into the NeubyNews blog site. For the last 2 years, Mary has made 100% of all entries. Occasionally she will quote one of my unique sayings or something like that, however I have never written anything myself. Blogging is challenging for me, I struggle to identify and extract humor in many of the things that we go through on a daily basis, however I have promised Mary that I will try to make more (any) entries to this blog because it is supposed to be our blog, not her blog.

Many of my friends with children have always told me how after a new baby enter their world, that they struggle to balance their new schedule along with their previous commitments and still maintain something that resembles a reasonable calmness in their life. Of course, everybody also says that I should expect to not have a night of 8 hours of consistent sleep for 6 months after the birth of the baby.

Somehow or another, I am ahead of the curve on this. For one reason or another, I have stopped sleeping through the night. About one night a week I sleep all the way through the night. Sometime I wake up 6-8 times a night and have at times woken up and stayed awake long enough where it justified getting out of bed and going to watch TV.

When this started happening about a month ago, I started doing the regular things people do in terms of limiting caffeine, eating earlier, working out more so that I am more tired at the end of the day. So far none of it is working. Mary has told me over the years that I tend to sleep worse, wake up, talk in my sleep, etc. when I am under higher amounts of stress. The last month or two I know that I have been juggling a lot with house baby planning, handling a gigantic project at work which required me taking a large team up to Chicago for a week and trying to continue to manage that project remotely from home, as well as interviewing within Dell to try to determine if there is a better job for me at Dell, and if there is, is now the right time for me to make a job change.

This is supposed to be the calm time, before the baby is here, when everything is happy and relaxed. Somehow everything is happy, however I am carrying too much stress as it is and I am unable to sleep already. If I am only sleeping 8 hours at a time about once every 4 or 5 days now, I am really going to struggle as the due date gets nearer.

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Kristin said...

hang in there, Mark! dont get too caught up in how life "should be"... sounds like you are doing the best to handle how this ARE! it's a lot going on! i cant wait to meet yalls little one...