Sunday, August 9, 2009

Crawfish Bisque

So my first blog had limited success. I found out that people actually do read what you write. I had one person email me saying my blog made them sad and that I may need to go to the doctor. Since I still struggle to identify cool things to write about, I decided to write about cooking.

I try to cook as much as possible. I actually find cooking to be very relaxing and a good way to deal with stress. On Sunday's I typically try to cook a big meal so that Mary and I can have it for dinner or lunch throughout the week. Usually by Wed. or Thurs. we are both tired and have no idea what to do for dinner, so having something homemade in the fridge is always a good option.
Tonight's creation was crawfish bisque. I have made this recipe before, last winter. It is good, hot, and filling. It happens to be about 100 degrees right now, so the heat wasn't necessarily a good this today, however it was still good and filling.

Being the OCD person I am and the planner that I am, I premeasure and layout all of the ingrdients that I need for the entire recipe.

Like most French based dishes, this one starts off with a traditional roux.

After the roux is done I added a bunch of veggies to make the base for the bisque.

The strange part of this recipe from other crawfish bisque recipes is that this recipe uses boulettes. There is about 1 pound of crawfish in the base, and another pound is used to make little crawfish meatballs that are baked then added to the base at the end to thicken it up, and give it a different texture.

After the boulettes are baked and the base has been bubbling away for about 2 hours, I combine them both, add a litte more crawfish and let it bubble for a little longer. I then put some rice into some bowls my Mom made for us and ladeled the bisque with 3 or 4 boulettes into each bowl.

Sunday dinner (and maybe Tuesday and Thursday as well) is served

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Emily said...

Looks as good as the crawfish bisque Hunter's family makes! Nice work!