Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nursery Update

This is for the grandparents... who keep hounding us for new pictures. This is what your grandchild's room currently looks like:

Note the beautiful new trim around the top. This is the mural I worked on. CG will be holding balloons and some of the ballons will have letters that spell out baby's name. Nope... we're not there yet!

Baby central. Yes, that is my old jam box from my dorm room. It still works. Hasn't chewed up a CD in a few years...

This is the mural Cathy mostly worked on. Isn't Stoli adorable?! She got the Frost Bank Tower, but didn't get to finish the rest of the skyline. I don't want to mess up her masterpiece =) (Yes, Mark put his trophies on the shelf. I'm humoring him)

Another angle of the main wall with the glider

Nursing/Reading/Sleeping station

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