Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Cade Lovelace


The lovely new couple. It was a frigid day in TX (about 50 degrees) and Jenni is standing outside in a strapless dress. She did look beautiful though, didn't she??

The entire weekend of festivities were a blast. We started out Thursday with the great Mary & Jen bakeoff. I would say we were successful! We baked over 200 cupcakes and had them fully decorated in about 8 hours. Following the bakeoff, we were treated to a family BBQ @ Jenni & Cade's house. Whew. It was a long day for all. Here are a few pics of the cupcakes that Mark took:

Friday, we checked into the hotel and hit the Ft. Worth Stockyards with the family. There were lots of cattle, horses and beers invovled. GREAT times!

Then it was off to rehearsal and rehearsal dinner @ Joe T's. Great margaritas, great food, great friends and family. What more could you ask for. The evening ended for us back in Uncle Rick's room drinking a few bottles of wine and laughing at more than a few odd human tricks.

Finally... the BIG day and the BIG party. Jenni looked gorgeous. The weather really didn't want to cooperate, but other than that, the day was fabulous. The rooftop that the reception was at was beautiful... twinkling under all the strands of Christmas lights. The food was plentiful and delicious while the drinks just kept on flowing.

The Wedding Ceremony:

The Cupcake Tower:


One down. One to go =)

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