Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Whirl Wind

We started Thanksgiving early this year. Usually we do the Neubauer Thanksgiving the weekend before Thanksgiving day. Go back to work for a few days before we head down to Houston for the Trans Thanksgiving. This year, we decided to mush it all together!

We left for Salado on Friday 12/19. What a cute little town. Not as picturesque as Fredericksburg, but almost as much to do. We stayed at the Stagecoach Inn which is nicely situated by Main Street and has a great restaurant. However, next time we stay overnight there, I think a better option would be one of the smaller bed and breakfasts in the area.

Here's Stoli & Mark. Stoli went on vacation with us and Salado loved him. They invited him into most of the stores and I don't know how many people on the street eventually knew his name. He's a good vacation pup.

We tried to stay good through the Thanksgiving holidays. But it certainly wasn't easy. I kept to my scheduled 8 mile run on Saturday while in Salado. When we got to Clear Lake, I did my training runs on Monday & Tuesday. Then we did the Turkey Trot on Thursday. It was so stinkin' hot on Thursday. But we managed ok. Here's us with the Turkey. Stoli's a little skeptical. Especially when the Turkey started talking to him. =)

The rest of the time was spent visiting family and friends. We got to visit Bakkhus, the Kouloumoundras family restaurant. And we had a bridal shower for Cathy. It was an ornament theme and she was so cute. Her friends really searched high and low for the perfect ones from them for her.

Oh! I forgot to mention that while we were in town, Cathy got to get a practice run in on her wedding hair. Her hair is so fine and getting so long, it really looks good anyway you fix it. One of Adam's cousins is a Visible Change hair stylist and she'll be doing all our hair for the wedding. It is her *gift* to Cathy & Adam. Now isn't THAT something! She fixed Cathy's hair up and then when it was time to go to dinner, Cathy took it down and pinned it back. I almost prefer that soft messy hairstyle to the more formal up-do. What do you think?

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