Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kickball Almost Champions!

It was a rough start to the season. I have to admit. I gathered a team of pretty decent athletes. Some of which had played baseball, some of which had watched baseball... none of which had played kickball in the last 10 years! We didn't know most of the rules (some thought it was a version of baseball/dodgeball), we certainly couldn't field and we thought the ball was Monstrous!

End of the regular season rolls around and as poorly as we started, we ended the season right in the middle of the pack. 2-2-2.

2 must be our lucky number because we went into the semi-finals playing the #2 team. And beat them! We then went on to play the #1 team, which was undefeated, and gave them quite a scare. We lead them all the way into the bottom of the 7th inning (last inning) 3-1. But we just couldn't hold on. We lost 4-3. Team DUCK! ended the season in 2nd place. Not bad for a team that finished the first game with bruised ankles =)

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