Monday, September 8, 2008

A Girl's Weekend

It started out as just a quick trip up to Fort Worth without Mark & Stoli to attend my sister-in-law Jenni's wedding shower. It's never quite that simple =)

I needed a place to crash for the weekend. So I called Jennifer. She said if I got in early enough, we could go to a Girl's Night Out birthday party. Would I be interested? SURE! Sounds like great fun! Then my mother-in-law asked if it would be alright if she rode up with me on Friday afternoon. SURE! I don't have to drive by myself?? Love it.

So what started out as a simple quaint little shower, turned into a hummer limo, VIP room kind of Friday night. Followed by a 6 hour wedding shower and a pizza & wine dinner. Sure, a few boys popped in every now and then, but it was almost entirely a pure girl's weekend. I loved it. Quite a change from my everyday life where I'm surrounded by testosterone.

I'm looking forward to the pictures from the weekend and my slumber party in a few weeks!

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