Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jude Turns 1!

Well, it's been almost a year since I last posted.  It's been a wild ride that I'll save for another post.

This one... is dedicated to my sweet baby boy that has taken over our world in every way possible.

In his first year, Jude was suffered from annoying little things such as ear infections and acid reflux which made it difficult for him (and Mommy and Daddy) to get much sleep.  But with love and care, we could always coax that bright smile out of him!

At one year:
  •  Jude is so very close to walking.  He's been wanting to do it for over a month now.  We are patiently waiting for his first steps!
  • He is sleeping so much better through the night now.  In the last week, he's been waking up around 3am for a 4oz bottle and goes right back to sleep (in mom & dad's bed) and sleeps until 6:30am for another 6oz bottle.  Trust me.  This is a vast improvement.
  • Although he does a TON of baby talk, he has only formed a handful of words.  "Dada" is his favorite.  Followed by "NoNoNO" and "Mama."  We think he's also saying "Juju," but this hasn't been confirmed.  Jude is a man of few words.
  • Jude looks like he'll be a righty.  He holds writing utensils in his right hand, when he's not busy eating them. And on the rare occasion when he has an eating utensil, he also holds it in his right hand.
  • Speaking of eating... He's a pretty solid eater.  He likes most things.  But when he's not interested in eating, that's it.  There's no coaxing him.  Even if it's something he usually loves.

The many faces of Jude:

  •  Jude is TROUBLE!  He gets into everything.  He loves to grab and swipe at things.  He loves to climb onto and roll over things.  He's all boy in that respect
  • Jude is a little peanut.  Throughout the last 12 months, he's consistently been in the bottom 5th percentile of his group.  At his 12 month checkup, he bounced up a bit!  Head: 46.5 cm (50%), Weight: 19 lbs 3.5 oz (5%), Height: 28.5 in (10%)
  • He has 6 teeth that are fully in.  The 2 on the bottom were first, followed by the top 2 and then the 2 next to them on top.
  • Jude is super active.  We can't even hold his attention long enough to read short stories
  • But he LOVES to sing and clap.  Any time music comes on TV or someone starts singing, it catches his attention.  He knows to clap when he hears, "If you're happy and you know it"
  • Pro: Jude does not suck his fingers nor does he use a pacifier.  Con: It has been a long rode since he never could figure out how to self soothe.
  • Jude has been going to Montessori since he was 9 months old.  It was tough on everyone for the first month, but he's got a wonderful teacher now and the consistency has been great for him.  She really does love him!

Overall, Jude has been one of the happiest babies, when with/around his mommy.  He has been known to be very trying for everyone else.  He has no difficulty winning people over with this 2-teeth smile.

For a small treat at school, Jude shared fruit-o's with his classmates.  And his sister.  And her classmates.  They were all gone by the end of the day  =)

After school today, we knew he would be pretty tired so we had a small celebration.

First he opened presents

Sister Mia is having a tough time learning that it's not always all about her

Then it was finally time for Jude's first bite of cake!  It was a busy busy Wed. so Daddy stopped by a local cupcakery for birthday treats.  They were great!  The kids loved them.

Happy 1st Birthday sweet baby Jude!
Here's to many more...

*** Photo credit: Many thanks to my sweet and dear friend Kathie Quinn for the beautiful pictures of our baby boy.***

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