Thursday, September 1, 2011


I came to pick up Mia after school and was greeted with this yesterday:

Her teacher, knowing how much she loves to draw, had gotten her her very own journal to draw in at school. Yesterday, she was drawing with (you guessed it) a blue marker (WHY?? I do not know). But her teacher turned her attention for a few minutes. When she looked back at Mia, she was greeted with a Smurf.

She was astonished and asked her, "Mia! What have you done???" To which Mia's response was:

"I coloring!"

*** For those who are concerned, her mouth is not blue because she sucked on the marker. It is blue because she sucked on her fingers after she colored her hands. The markers are non-toxic. This picture was after much scrubbing by her teacher and a deep cleansing by mom before snack time. Her dress and legs did not fair much better...***

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