Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mia: 22 Months, Jude: 3 Weeks

August 22, 2011: 2 Milestones for our 2 little ones.

Mia Update:
  • Mia not only likes school now, she kind of runs the show in the 1 year old class room. She says, "story time" and the teacher sits down and reads with her and gradually the other kids follow suit. Before they head out of the room to go to lunch or the playground, the teacher will usually peak her head out of the classroom to check to see if it's their turn to head out. If it's not, she tells them, "one more minute, kids." Mia gets in front of all the other kids and also tells them, "One more minute!"
  • She is still not potty trained, but consistently tells her teacher when she has pee-peed or poo-pood. Now the trick is for her to tell us when she has to go as opposed to when she's already gone!
  • Mia has gotten a lot pickier about what she wants to eat. There is still plenty that she will eat, but she doesn't always eat everything on her plate any more. Some days she's a big meat eater and other days it's carbs. Some days it's vegetables. Right now she's really big into ham, cheese, mushrooms and noodles.
  • Since forever Mia has loved to draw and doodle. But recently, she comes home from school, has a snack, asks for her Mickey Mouse show and proceeds to plop down on the floor with her drawing book and special markers and declare, "I do my HOMEwork!"
  • Since she turned 20 months, Mia has been taking swim classes at Aqua Tots. She loves it there. We started her out on Wednesday evenings and quickly realized that she was too tired for an after school activity. When we moved her to the Saturday morning class, she's all about it. She just finished her last class for this season last Saturday. Here is a clip of her swimming around with Daddy!
  • One of Mia's favorite activities these days (besides drawing) is playing pretend. She's pretty good at it. She's pretty established at playing kitchen and baby. She's just now starting on dress up... if you don't count her get-up's everyday as dress up =) Here she is as Tinker Bell

I'll wait to do the Jude update at his 1 Month entry. For now, I will leave you with his newborn photos done at 3 weeks old.

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The K-13's said...

hehe... love her in her princess get up & doing her "Homework."