Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week 30

Holy cow. I cannot believe it is time for the 10 week count down!

Week: 30
Weight gained to-date: 28 lbs (oops. 5 lbs ahead of schedule)
Belly measurement: 38 inches
Estimated Baby size: 15.7 inches, 3 lbs
Swelling: Not yet. But I'm bracing myself
Stretch Marks: Not yet. I didn't get any with my first pregnancy so I'm crossing my fingers
How Mommy's feeling: Just starting to get achy back. But if you consider the weight gain and constantly lugging Mia around, it's not so bad! Last pregnancy was definitely much worse with the back pains. I flip flop between being very tired some days and full of energy the next. Work has been very hectic so I try to take advantage of those energized days when I can. The good news is that I seem to be doing much better emotionally. That might be in part due to calming hormones, but mostly because Mark is finally back from a 2 week assignment in Scotland. That was rough because of the time difference, we only got to talk about 5 minutes in the morning (middle of the workday for Mark) and about 10 minutes after work (very late for him right before bed).
Happenings: This week, we completed week 11 of our childbirth classes. We only have 1 more to go! Unlike the first pregnancy where we only took the hospital and doctor offered classes, this time we signed up for the Bradley method classes which we started back in March. Our hope and desire is for a quick, healthy and natural childbirth. The classes have been good as it's working with us on what to expect and how to deal with the different stages of labor. It's also been a great time for Mark and I to bond and have some alone time with Jude. That's rare these days. Even though it's early June, the highs have already approached 99. I'm certain by the time Jude gets here we will have been well over 110 for many many days! Other big news... our 5 year wedding anniversary is this Friday! Already! And our baby bump session is this coming Sunday evening. So excited!

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