Thursday, June 9, 2011

School Progress

Day 2:
  • less crying, but still lots of whimpering
  • napped 20 minutes, up from 10 minutes the previous day
  • still walking around with blankie unless being held by Miss Jocelyn
  • Miss Jocelyn's assessment: Mia communicates very well. 2-3 word sentences. She is very kind to the other children. She plays well when sitting in Miss Jocelyn's lap. Enjoys reading time. Mia needs to work on sharing caregiver's time and sleeping in her cot while the other children are sleeping
  • Yikes. Right on point. She's always had 2-5 adults to herself. And she's never had to sleep in a room with other children. Both things she will have to learn as her family grows.
  • Came home and ate a big bowl of blueberries and drank a full glass of milk. Napped 40 minutes, woke up and went to a library event where she danced and played. Was a little fussy, but I think that was more because she wanted to be in the middle of the room with the other kids and not on the side where we were sitting. She had fun once we moved, though she was very tired.

Day 3:
  • did not cry when I dropped her off, but only slightly whimpered
  • the morning attendant greeted her by name and immediately held out her arms to hold her. Mia did not refuse, though still whimpering. the attendant said that they'll go ahead and get Mia's blankie out right away. It's one of her comfort items.
  • Geez, does she carry her blankie with her to lunch, too???
  • napped 40 minutes, quadrupling the first day's nap time.
  • ate a little on her own
  • Mark picked her up and said that she was found playing in the middle of the room on a rocking horse with some kids standing around her, but not being held. She was VERY happy to see him and told him to grab her bag. LOL. She also told me that everyday. As if to say, "Grab my $hit, let's get the hell outta here"
  • Came home and snacked on watermelon and played. I was working when she got home. When I got done, I came into the kitchen to put the watermelon tub in the fridge and she got upset. She told me, "Mama feed baby!" Wow. Long sentence
  • She did not nap after school. Was very excited to see her entire Nanny team (Michelle, Chrissy, Mayra, Kurt, Jasmine) for the evening while Mark and I had to go to birthing class. Michelle reported she was very tired but didn't fuss. She went to bed early.
Which brings us to Day 4... today.

She is making very fast progress and I project that by next Friday, she will have gotten a hold of this new routine. Hopefully by next month she will actually be excited about going to school!

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