Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birthday Dinner

Yesterday, Mark and Mia took me out for my birthday dinner. My favorite... Texan Cafe up in Hutto, TX. There's not much in Hutto to write home about, but the food at Texan, and more importantly, the pie selection, is enough to bring me back at least once a month. If you'll recall, that's where I had my last meal before Mia came into this world. It's also the first restaurant she went to after she was born. We've been here a few times =)

We introduced Mia to fried pickles... and she loved them! Kept wanting to dip them in ranch. They weren't quite sour enough for her taste so she followed them up by sucking on a lemon. She is Mark's daughter =/. I had my favorite meal: fried green tomato BLT with sweet potato fries. We ended the dinner with a slice of Almond Joy pie. That was a new one for me. It was great, but there are others I've had that still top the list.

Last night, we brought our camera along to keep her entertained until our food arrived, as well as take some shots of the belly since it was 24 weeks.

I tell you, this girl is a natural in front of the camera. You don't have to do anything, but let her do her thing and just snap away.

Here's my birthday evening in pictures:

Mama imitating Mia smelling flowers

Going for a stroll down Hutto main street

Found a place to park it

Trying out mama's shades

My 2 favorite people

Time to "eat FOOD!"


The K-13's said...

Oh Mia Mia Mia...

Mary said...

Her personality reminds me of you