Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Mary and I drove to Houston last weekend to visit her family. During the road trip, we started talking about how old Mia will be when she starts thinking we are embarrassing or things we did would embarrass her. We started talking about things our parents did to embarrass us when we were growing up. I was telling Mary 2 stories and she was laughing so hard that she said I needed to blog about them.
Both of the things things my parents really did to embarrass me occurred in middle school.
The first was in 6th grade. In 6th grade, a band named Kriss Kross was very popular. Kriss Kross's thing was that they would wear their clothes backwards. Frequently, they would wear overalls backwards. This being the case, it became very popular for kids in middle school to wear overalls.
Jenni and I both wanted overalls. Mom decided that she would get us one pair of overalls to share. I was a really really skinny kid growing up. Simply because Jenni was 2 years older than me, she was a lot bigger than me. In order to get us a pair of overalls we could "share" meant that they were way too big for me. However that wasn't the only thing. The fashion at the time was for people to wear acid washed overalls that were full length. I don't think Mom understood the fashion. Mom bought us dark blue, non acid washed overall shorts.
I was then presented with a problem. Mom had bought us these overalls. Middle school fashion is very specific. Acid washed, full length overalls. I had dark blue, overall shorts that were WAY too big for me. Mom was indicating that she spent a lot of money on them and that I had to wear them.
I figured that spring break was coming up. The Friday before Spring break a lot of people are out of school as they start their vacations early. I figured I could wear the overalls on that Friday, then I could tuck them into the back of closet and Mom would forget about them.
I wore them to school one Friday. Unknown to me, there was a DARE rally in the cafeteria that afternoon. Every student was given a raffle ticket at the rally. I still wasn't worried, I mean really what are the odds I would be picked out of 500+ students to win the raffle. Apparently, the odds are good. My ticket was called, and I had to go on stage, in dark blue, overall shorts that were far too big for me to collect my prize. The prize was a 15 pizza party. Winning pizza was great, however I distinctly remember being on stage hearing somebody ask "why is a boy wearing overall shorts?" I was not able to live this down through the rest of the year. It wasn't until summer break that people forgot about it.
Mary laughed so hard when I told her this story. I told her to wait, because the next year in 7th grade, there was an incident that topped that one by a large margin. I will blog that one tomorrow.


jennifer said...

Ummm...I don't remember this at all...any of it. I suppose I could've blocked out wanting and getting a pair of overall shorts to share with my brother, but I'm pretty sure I would've remembered Mark wearing them on stage in front of 500 people..

Mark Neubauer said...

this may have been 7th grade, which would have meant you were in high school, or possibly they separated the rally's by grades etc.