Monday, January 31, 2011


This weekend was quite eventful. Usually, when we say that, we're traveling back and forth somewhere. But this weekend, we were actually here in town.

Started out with a quiet Friday afternoon. A walk to the park and Mia and Stoli playing until the sun started to set. Saturday morning, we woke up and all had breakfast together before Mark & Mia headed to the grocery while Stoli & I met up with Leslie for a morning run. Perfect weather, perfect activities, perfect company. After the morning's activities, some went down for naps while others quickly cleaned up and got ready. We had an 11AM 1st birthday party to attend!

Mia's nap ran a little long, but I was not about to wake a sleeping baby. As soon as she got up, I got her dressed and loaded up. We showed up to the party right as Uncle Tommy & Aunt Stephanie were walking up and the party was just getting into full swing. The birthday boy was happily eating chicken nuggets and Mia quickly joined him. With so many kids, toys and people she knew around her, Mark and I could actually enjoy ourselves! And I helped myself to 2 cupcakes =)

Another nap after the party before meeting up with the Martinez' for dinner. We went to Sunflower, one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants in Austin. Did you know that Mia can hold chopsticks??? Yeah, me neither. She's not bad. She also loves spring rolls. Just like Dad.

Sunday morning she spent with Stoli & me. After a bowl of cereal, bananas and milk and a few segments of Sponge Bob, she ran upstairs to get dressed to "play" outside. A hike on the trail and then crazy squealing time at the park. She really does love it out there. When she got home, she proceeded to tear up her room before walking over to me, tugging on my pants and saying, "Mama, nigh nigh?" LOL. Yes, you may go take a nap.

After Mark got back from his tour of Pflugerville bike ride, he was starved. We hit up a new restaurant for us. Good Luck Grill. Holy fried heavens. The name is a little deceiving. We did not actually have anything on our table that was grilled. Chili cheese fries, steak fingers, fried catfish and shrimp. Mia went to town on some chili cheese fries and mashers. She really enjoys sitting in a booster chair at the table with us now. Sweet little thing ate her lunch, pushed her plate away when she was finished, layed her head on the table and smiled. Ahhhh... guess she was full. The restaurant has this great outdoor area that has washers and tricycles, picnic tables and benches. I went outside to meet up with Mark and Mia after I refreshed our drinks. I found Mark throwing washer and Mia picking them up =) Then Mia and I had a tricycle race, but seriously, mine was bummed. It kept rolling off to the left. I nearly fell over like 10 times. Oh how we love the city/country living.

When we got home, Mark and I were pretty tired. Food coma. We were laying in bed with Mia running around and Stoli trying to stay out of her way. She found a hand towel in the bathroom and decided to play peek-a-boo. She came out carrying the towel, put it on her head and then quickly pulled it off to BOO Mark. It was really rather funny. Until she was walking around the bathroom with the towel over her head and ran into a wall. Mark jumped out of bed when she was wailing and found her sitting on the floor where she'd fallen with the towel still over her head. Sorry. We had to laugh.

Mia was pooped again after lunch and her romping. Took another nap. This time I did have to wake her up. We had to get over to Nanny Michele's for Jasmine's 10th birthday party at 2pm, it was now 3:15 and she was still sleeping! OK, we're gonna miss out on everything if we didn't get a move on. Fortunately, Nanny knows Mia's schedule so when we arrived, she was holding off the natives and had not started dinner. For Jasmine's 10th birthday, she wanted an old fashioned Family Dinner. How sweet. For Michele, this meant a family of about 40 adults and another 20 children! Insantiy. But those guys are troopers and took it all in stride. The food was delicious (all home made). The party was fun. And Mia LOVED it. She got to be with Gigi the whole time. Except for when it was cake time. And she magically made her way over to Jaja. (Yes, she knows the birthday girl is commonly found closest to the birthday cake. That girl is smart). And did you know that she really DID want a cupcake? I ran over there shortly after the cupcakes were handed out so that the older girls could enjoy themselves. And Mia was insistent that she wanted one. So I grabbed one of the mini's (Michele's so prepared) and gave it to Mia. She very expertly chomped off all the yellow frosting. Then peeled the paper (seriously, who taught her this???) and finished the cupcake in about 3 bites. She wanted another. As much as I wanted to let her (I mean, I did have 2 cupcakes the day before...) I knew I shouldn't.

She played downstairs with some game the kids had out while I looked at Jasmine's baby book. Then Mark said he was tired and we should start heading out. We looked around for Mia, but didn't see her. She was around somewhere. Mark looked outside and all downstairs. I straight upstairs to Jasmine's closed door. "Is Mia playing in there with you?" "Yes." smile. Three other girls came out with her.

When we got home, Mark took Stoli out for a walk while I got Mia cleaned up. She found her cowboy boots from her Aunt Lori, sat down on the floor and tried to put her "jdews" on over her squeak shoes. I laughed, but she was insistent. So after the diaper change, she put on her boots and went to meet Stoli at the park. And didn't you know, she ran around on the trail wearing those things for a good 15 minutes. Until it was time to go home. And the whole time she was running around? She kept saying "HAPPY." Mama, "HAPPY."

How can you argue with that? It was a very "HAPPY" weekend indeed.

And we didn't get a single picture.

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