Friday, January 7, 2011


I work in Finance. Every performance metric I have involves YTY. How did you do year-to-year? Have you grown? Have you increased? I thought I'd put Mia into the same YTY metric.

OH. MY. What a difference a year makes when you put it into this perspective!

Both pictures she's getting ready to go to Nanny's house. She was just shy of 3 months old last year. This year, she's almost 15 months old. Same backpack, same lunchbox =)

Over the holiday break, I noticed that Mia's really started liking to carry things around in bags. A plastic produce bag, a tiny clutch used as a purse, boxes, laundry baskets. Basically anything she could put something else into. So on Tuesday when I took her to Michelle's I decided to try to put her backpack on and handed her her lunchbox. She happily took everything and started running up the walkway. Halfway there, she had a sudden meltdown and started stomping her feet and screaming something at me. Since my hands were full with her milk for the week, I just stooped down to ask her what was the matter. Not much. Maybe she just wanted me to slow down. We continued on without incidence and she smiled BIG when Michelle opened the door. Michelle offered to take her load off her and she happily gave it over and ran to see the dogs.

The next day, I tried the same thing. This time, she knew what to expect. She got out of the car, waited for her backpack and lunch box. Ran up the walkway (all the way this time) and again, was all smiles when Michelle answered the door. This time, she walked in, right up to Michelle and handed her her lunchbox. Then deposited her backpack before being asked. This girl has a good memory. I told Mark all about it that evening and asked him to do the same when he dropped her off on Thursday for him to see. I think he was quite amused. Today, following the same routine, he was finally able to capture it for the rest of us.

She is like a sponge these days; learning so so fast.

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