Monday, January 10, 2011

A New House

As of 11AM today, the Neubauers are the proud owners of TWO mortgages. Yes! We've sprung for a new home.

We've been searching for the last few years for a just right next home since the market has been so good for buyers. But visits after visit have turned up nothing. Not the right neighborhood. Not the right house. Generally, not the right price! But when we found this gem, I knew immediately that it had major potential. I was so excited, I called Mark on the way home and told him I found us a good one. The next day, we were headed down to San Antonio for our marathon and on the way I asked if he would like to swing by and take a look at the house from the outside since we didn't have an appointment. He was game. So we swung by and he was instantly in love. The front is nice and sprawling. We were able to go around back since it's a golf course home and doesn't have privacy fence (we'll have to put in some type of fence when we move in). What greeted him was this giant concrete patio and another big yard in the back.
Looking from the patio out, the house backs directly up to a beautiful golf course... something he's always wanted. We were sold on the outside. We stopped at a nearby gas station and called our agent scheduling a visit at lunch time on Monday. One step inside and I knew we were on the same page. We decided right then and there to make an offer.
These were probably the best sellers one could possibly work with. They were a retired couple, but from our initial transaction to final transaction with them, I would have to say that this man was probably a very successful businessman during his career. He made very sharp and decisive decisions. They even countered our offer with a slightly better deal and good logic before we had time to put in our initial offer. The did not meet all our requests for cash and home improvements following the inspection, but gave us what they thought was fair and fixed what would have been difficult for us without all the proper documentation. In fact, this fix (rerunning a propane gas line) was what delayed our closing a week. Prior to closing this morning, Mark did a final walk through with our agent and found that the home was in great condition and in addition to that, they left behind their stainless steel refrigerator, microwave and washer and dryer that are nicer than ours! We need to confirm that these are in fact staying since they were not in the original contract. But wouldn't that be nice?

Anyways. This post is entitled "A New House." Not a new "Home" intentionally. Although we've purchased this perfect house for our next home, we do not have plans to move into it. Yet. We will continue to live in our current home (which suits us perfectly) until Mia is ready to start school in 5 years. We just love this new neighborhood, the schools and the location and knew NOW was the time to move on it. Until then, we plan on renting it out. So if you know of anyone looking for a beautiful ready to move in home, let us know!

More debt. That IS the American way, isn't it?

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