Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 21, 2010: Seattle, WA

On our way out to Seattle on Tuesday, we stopped by Deception Pass for a quick visit. It was about 10AM and still quite chilly. But the view was breathtaking.
Then it was finally time to head out for Seattle. We arrived close to noon and we were all pretty hungry. After a quick stop into the original Starbucks (which is like any other Starbucks I've been in, except it has really old hardwood floors), we found this little gem. Piroshky. Russian pastries. Sweet, savory, you name it. Of course we had to hit it up!
Happy happy girl
Mia, too, enjoyed Pike's farmers market. Snax everywhere we looked =)
I thought the fish market would be huge. It's only one counter!
Time for another break. This time a visit to the Pike Brewery!
Mia trying to decide what she's going to have
And then we head up to the street level. mmmm... apples just my style
They're having their own conversation =)
We came upon this arcade place and decided to check it out
It had a carousel which Mia just adored. She waved and sayed OooOoo every time we passed
We didn't know it before, but she's a race car FIEND! She likes to drive FAST! And laugh

She was also a big fan of the water fountains
Peace out Seattle. Until next time...


Cathy said...

I miss you guys!!

Cathy said...

What about the picture of Mia driving the race car and pooing??