Saturday, May 22, 2010

Winner and B-day Wishes

We have a winner for our 2-Initial Hair Ribbon Organizer: Melissa Jordan from Congratulations Melissa! Drop me an email and I can start the custom organizer for you!

Back to the reason for the drawing... Happy 7 month old birthday to baby Mia. I suppose I should say big girl Mia. Yesterday was a tearful morning as I woke up at 5:30 am and realized that it was my last planned day to nurse Mia. Ever. Even as I write this, tears are welling up.

When I first started this journey, nursing was not always so enjoyable. In fact, it was down right painful at first. Even though the lactation consultant and nurses all told me I was doing it correctly. But I was determined to experience that bond that I'd read about. Come to find out, it wasn't me, it was my dear hungry child! She was such a good eater that the first milk (colostrum) just wasn't enough for her. When my milk finally came in, she could switch from her crazed sucking to simply drinking. But then, she was eating soooo frequently I felt like the drive thru window at Dairy Queens. Eat, sleep. Eat, sleep. Where was this "bond" from nursing that people spoke of???

It wasn't until probably about 6 weeks that she really started recognizing my face as well as my voice. And those first smiles. Oh. My. Gosh. Total utter meltdown. Ever since then, I never cared what time she woke up in the morning. I wanted to be the first face she saw. Just so that I could get that first smile of the day. And then we'd sit down and have our Mommy-Daughter time. She'd eat, I'd talk. We'd have a good old time. For 7 months this has been going on. I'm so sad that she will never remember those times. But for me, it has forever changed my life.

Happy birthday my sweet girl.

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Without Melissa said...

yayyyy! Just swooped in my for a read and saw I won. This is exciting stuff! Especially because I'm amassing quite the arsenal of hair bows for the day (however far off it may be) that my dear girl finally grows some hair!!!

Your post made me a bit teary - it really is the most wonderful experience. I'm afraid my nursing days are ending sooner than I anticipated and I'm sad over it too.