Monday, May 17, 2010

Latest Project and Surprise!

There it is. That's what I've been working on last week! When I showed Mark, I asked him, "Know what this is?" To which he responded, "Mia's initials." Quite proud of himself. OK, well duh. But what is it for??? To which he just looked blankly at me.

But maybe you're crafty like my MIL. And guessed it on the first try. Maybe you're somewhere in between and need some help.

How about this picture. Does this clue you in?

TA-DA! It's a bow organizer!

I finally got tired of that growing mound of hair clips on Mia's dresser and decided to do something about it. Of course, being for a girl, it also had to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, right? Using some wood letters in her initials that I purchased from our local craft store, scrapbooking paper, ribbon, paint and decoupage paste, I was able to come up with this little number. So excited about it.

And so much more room for more clips!!! (YAY Daddy!) I made each length of ribbon about 2 ft long. With 7 ribbons, that's 14 ft of girlie hair accessories!

And here is the surprise... Like the results? Here's your chance to get your very own made by MOI! Mia's 7 month birthday is coming up this Saturday. In honor of the special occasion, I will be giving away a "2-Initial Ribbon Organizer." Get one for your little doll, a special girl in your life, or a Mommy that needs a little help organizing!

All you have to do is comment on this post telling me where your favorite location is (online or store) to purchase hair accessories. It can be ready-to-wear accessories or supply stores. Oh, sites that have DIY hair accessory instructions qualify as well! Be sure to leave your contact info in your comment for the drawing.

I'll pick a winner on Saturday using Random.Org and let you guys know who won!

***** UPDATE If your favorite site is ETSY, please let us know WHICH ETSY store you love. Inquiring minds must know! Thanks for visiting!!! ******


emily and danny said...

Mary - Mia's organizer is SOOO cute!! You can find the most adorable handmade hair accessories (or anything handmade) on my favorite site -! **Oh, and if I do happen to be the random winner, the ribbon organizer will be going to my best friend's adorable little girl- Chloe J.!!** -Emily

Mary said...

Emily - I love the girl's name! Any etsy site in particular? We shop there often!!! ~MTN

Cathy said...

Very cute Mary!!! See... you're crafty too!!

Without Melissa said...

Amazing!! I love it. I'm entering to win (My favorite place to buy hair accessories - hands down, ETSY!!) AND I tweeted it for you - because I know a lot of women who would love such a cute little hanger for their girls.


j & shea said...

definitely etsy!

Mireya said...

I just bought some baby hair bands from

T.Landolfi said...

ETSY for sure!!! You can find the best handmade hair accessories...etc.! Love your initial ribbon organizer!

REAL Software said...

It's between Etsy and a local boutique called Baby Bugaloo!

emily and danny said...

Disclaimer: I've never bought baby bows, but I've seen adorable bows on ETSY! Here are the ETSY stores I've purchased various items from: LilPixieBoutique, jetflair, yokoendo, bluginger, SYFjoolz, takenote, chasingthreads, gardencris27, wooden45, Midnightcreations, EffieGirlyFinery, & MarieClaireDesignsCo. I have lots of other shops that I've "favorited" but I can vouch for these!! :)

Mary said...

"REAL Software" I need your email address! Thx!