Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

What a glorious Easter weekend we got to experience. Mia spent her first Easter in Austin quietly relaxing and taking it all in. AND, the Easter bunny didn't even freak her out!
Mommy & Mia @ Falcon Pointe Easter celebration

Mommy & her TWO kids!

Mia checking out the older kids hunting for their eggs. Easter egg basket in lap.
(And sneaking in a paci *_*)

Unfortunately, we didn't get pictures of Mia at the petting zoo. There was a little baby billy goat there that she was in love with that didn't leave our side. She petted him the entire time. And every time she would let out a big happy squeal!

After the Easter festivities in the neighborhood, we headed down to Uncle Tommy's and Aunt Stephanie's. They were out of town, but graciously lent us their place for the evening. Mia took a nice long nap on the sofa while Stoli & Daddy headed to Town Lake. The next morning, we met up with Grandma and Grandpa for brunch at the 24 Diner downtown.

They brought Mia some books in her Easter basket! She loved them.
Here she is asking Grandpa to read to her
And Grandma taking her turn

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Mark Neubauer said...

The reason why we couldn't get pictures of Mary and Mia at the petting zoo is because I had Stoli on a leash strapped to me. Stoli is a really good dog, however being 2 feet from a petting zoo with ducks, chickens, bunnys and baby goats was more than he could handle. I had 2 hands on his leash, and it took everything I had to keep him under control. It was bad enough to be by the little animals, the fact that the animals were running up to Mary and Mia was making Stoli crazy. I didn't dare take my hands off the leash to try and take a picture. I think the only 2 people I would have dared hand him to during that time would be Tommy and Adam.

Stoli is really well behaved, however sitting still during that time went against 4000 years of instinct for him