Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Earth Month

In honor of Earth Month we ordered our first set of cloth diapers for Mia! I'm so excited about these gDiapers. Since before Mia was born, I had been a big proponent of the cloth diaper. But in doing research, I had decided to hold off on the cloth diapers for a few reasons.
  1. It was hard enough to change a newborn's diaper, much less learn how to use the different cloth diapering systems. Besides, newborns potty ALL the time. And let's not forget about that black tar stuff. YUCK.
  2. We didn't really know what our baby would be like as far as routines, skin sensitivities, etc. We didn't want to invest in something that clearly would not work for her.
  3. Most cloth diaper systems have a small size for newborns to about 15 lbs. And another medium size for ~15-30lbs. The medium size should fit from 6 months until she's almost potty trained! That seemed like the best investment to me!

So we have our first set of 6 gPants coming along with 12 cloth inserts. I think we'll start us off with maybe 1-2 cloth diapers a day mixing in with the disposable diapers during the week to see how things go. If we love the cloth diapers, I'll get more of the inserts and we'll move to 100% cloth diapering. It's not an all or nothing deal. It's an attempt at reducing our carbon footprint!

We'll keep you posted on how they look/fit and how they perform under the everyday pressures of Mia... and some not-so-everyday!