Tuesday, April 27, 2010

gDiapers the first weekend

Our gDiapers arrived shortly after we ordered them. However, they had to be washed SIX times before we could start using them. Averaging about 3 loads a week, it was two whole weeks before we put the first one on Mia. And here she is in her 6 month old photoshoot sporting the cream gDiaper. I know you can't see the diaper all that well, but it is stinkin' cute.

So first, the PRO's

  • They are super easy to use. We just place a cloth diaper inside the cover and velcro just as we would a disposable diaper.
  • They have not yet leaked. However, we do notice that we change her more frequently than in a disposable diaper. Maybe it's first time paranoia, but we change her about every 2-3 hours in the cloth vs. 4-5 hours in a disposable.
  • They don't seem to irritate her skin. The cover is soft and cozy, the nylon liner and the snaps don't even touch her skin. The cloth diaper is super plush and cushy.
  • They wash up nicely. Even the poopy diapers did not stain.
  • We have 12 cloth liners and they lasted us about the weekend. We did not use them for overnight, however.
  • They look really adorable on and not at all too bulky =)

The CON's

  • I'm a little concerned that she won't fit in them as long as they advertise the size for. She is now 16lbs and fits comfortably in the medium/large.
  • We're not quite sure yet how to handle the dirty diapers until wash day. The first diaper I put on her, wouldn't you know it, she pooped in. BIG. It took me a little while, but I was finally able to swish the poop down the toilet before soaking it a little to get most of it out. I know, sounds gross, but if you're a parent, you should be use to this regardless of whether you use cloth or disposable. As an infant, they have many "blow outs" that render all cute outfits useless. Back to the dirty diaper... So for now, we just throw them in an empty tub so that the damp diapers aren't piling up on top of each other. With 12, it's managable.
  • We feel like we have to change Mia more frequently. They don't hold quite as much fluid as the disposable diapers do.
  • The diapers really need to be washed twice each time. Once through the cold cycle with detergent to get them clean. Once more through the hot cycle to get the detergent completely out of them so that you don't have build up (which is what causes leaks). Simple and easy however, uses alot of water. Maybe if we had more diapers, it would make better use of the loads. Even the small load seems like I'm wasting too much water.

If anyone has any advice on this and any other situations we haven't yet encountered, I've love to hear it. As far as the decision goes, I think the pros still out way the cons and I'm quite happy with the cloth. Even with just wearing them on the weekends, we save about a dozen diapers a weekend! We just need to work out some of the kinks to this system!


Anonymous said...

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Abigail said...

Your cons are this that are the case for any cloth diapers.
btw - I just came across your blog when I blog searched gdiapers.

About the size, gdiapers fit for quite a while. You just adjust how tight you fit it around her waist. Up until my oldest was potty trained, she was almost 3, she wore the size large. My 11 month old is scrawny, about hte same weight as your little one and the mediums feel like they'll fit for quite some time still.

We wash our diapers every 2 days. We use a small amount of detergant - about half the recommended amount for a small load of laundry. First we run them through a cold rinse, not a full wash cycle, I just start it at the last rinse the washer does. Then I wash it in hot and do another cold rinse, maybe too if they feel like they have some detergant residue. I tend to throw our dirty rags/washclothes/dishcloths in with the diapers to make the load a bit fuller.

With cloth, yes you'll change her more frequently, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

For nights, when we gave up disposibles completely, I started just putting two cloth soakers in the diaper and it works well as long as I change my little one first thing in the morning.

Well this is really long. Sorry! I've been using gdiapers for over a year now, so I'm certainly will to share my experiences.

Mary said...

Abigail, thx so much for your comment and advice! Very useful indeed. I will try the wash cycle you recommended at our next washing. The sizing that I'm concerned about is not so much the waist... but the rise. I'm worried that they will be a bit short in another 6 months or so. You haven't found this to be an issue?

Anonymous said...