Monday, March 22, 2010

Solid As a Rock

I don't know, Mommy....

So maybe not as solid as a rock. But definitely more solid than just milk!

Nanny Michelle has been practicing the spoon technique with Mia with a lot of success (just with her milk). So this weekend, I decided to let Mia go for it and try some "solid" food.

We started with Mommy's milk mixed with a little cereal and then I took a bit of banana and mashed it in a bowl for her. I thought if she could feel the food and put it to her mouth herself, she'd be more keen to try it and accept it.

The first taste was a little timid. Ummm... wha? But as soon as that went down, she was all about it! And the bananas? Man she loved them. But she really liked feeding it to herself. She very quickly put 2 and 2 together that the bananas were in the bowl. And that if she stuck her hand/fingers in it, she could taste and eat it. Ong (grandpa) took a video, but I'll have to let Mark edit it before we post it. Hilarious.

Second bite much better

Now I do it myself Mommy
Banana fingers: Mmm mmm good!


txlonghorn said...

Don't forget about her first encounter with the spoon from the mango bowl :)

Mary said...

haha. But she didn't actually "eat" the mangos. She did definitely love the taste... Might be like her Dad... loves fruit!

Aimee said...

she is too cute!!!

Cathy said...

reminds me of another little girl that really liked to eat bananas... hahaa... maybe she will take after her Auntie Cathy some... hahahaaa