Monday, March 22, 2010

5 Month Old

Big girls deserve big chairs.

Mia is... (drum roll)... 5 months old today! Incredible. In the last few weeks, you've hit some major milestones.
  • Stats: ~15 lbs. Chubby, cheeky, rolly Michelin baby
  • You've earned how to roll over. But only from back to belly. And only over the right side.
  • You've decided which fingers she prefers to suck on. They are your ring and pinky fingers on the right hand. (Did I mention you're definitely favoring the right side???)
  • You've learned how to confidently reach out for objects
  • You've learned how to better hold objects that you're reaching out for
  • You've started on very light solids

Whew! What a busy month. And to top it all off, it was the first time you'd gone a day without Mommy. Now maybe that's a milestone for Mom! =)

P.S. - Thank you Ong for taking these pics!

Playing with the toys on your jumperoo

Holding your doll

All dressed up to go to church with Ba

Mia: "Thank you Uncle Tommy for my new chair! Thank you Aunt Cathy and Aunt Stephanie for making this pillow for me! I love it!"


Cathy said...

I can't take tooo much credit for the chair or the pillow. I just helped urge them to buy the chair and find one that wasn't ripped. If they didn't buy it I was going to and probably keep it to sit it... it was perfect for me too! haah. The pillow was all Steph... I just helped with fabrics, ideas & provided buttons. I absolutely love Mia in this chair!

Anonymous said...