Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week 38

Pretty uneventful week. We finished our "pre-baby" shopping spree at Babies R Us thanks to some very generous coworkers, friends and family. Stoli & I spent the night at Tommy & Stephanie's on Friday night. The first time I'd spent the night out of my bed since end of June. I'm looking forward to week 39 because that starts my time off of work!!!

Week: 38
Weight gained to-date: 37 lbs (so much for plateauing)
Belly measurement: 42 inches
Estimated Baby size: 19 inches, ~7 lbs
Swelling: feet & toes are to the point of no return. serious cankles. and now it appears that my thighs have taken over my knees
Stretch Marks: it's just a matter of time, now
How Mommy's feeling: SLOW
Happenings: Not much change since last week's visit. Still just a fingertip dilated. While checking, the doctor can feel the top of Baby's head. That's how far down it already is. So then WHY is it not coming out? It can't be comfortable for your head to be squeezed into such a tight little space. Every week, I get an update from one of those baby sites that tells you what and how the baby's doing that week. This week, the update starts with, "If you're STILL pregnant..." UGH. What happened to 40 weeks? Forget it, I'm going to feel accomplished that I can keep this thing in here until it's due date. I'm in no rush. I want a Halloween baby! So then why do I feel like a mother with a 28 year old living at home that she needs to send out into the REAL world?

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