Sunday, September 6, 2009

My First Baby Shower

I have the sweetest BFF's and sisters a girl could ask for. Even though my hostesses all live out of town, they drove and flew into Austin to throw me a beautiful Labor day shower.

Baby's Aunt Cathy, the artistic one, threw together the adorable guest sign-in above for guests to cast their votes for Boy or Girl. Looks like the girl squad won out at this party!

Aren't these the most vibrant Gerber Daisies??? Aunt Jenni had these is baby bottles throughout the whole party room. After the party, I put them throughout the house and they're still alive!
Aunt Cathy's gift to Baby were these 3 handpainted canvases for the nursery. I love that she did them just for us. All are super cute, but the favorite is the middle one. We hope to have a little chef in the making!

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Cathy said...

I love you sister and I can't wait to meet the new Neuby! :)