Friday, August 21, 2009

Glucose Test: Part II

After a wonderfully low-carb dinner with friends last night, Mark and I settled in early for some R&R. That was the plan.

I woke up at 1AM, 3AM and 6AM for potty breaks. At the 6AM one, it was time to wake up and get ready to make my way to the lab. The good part about fasting is that it doesn't take any time to get ready in the morning. Just get dressed and go! Fortunately, I thought to bring my laptop along for entertainment. And they have WiFi here! Yippeee!

The test is proving a little easier than I had imagined, although not without irritations. I was a little hungry this morning when I got here at 7AM, but it wasn't so bad. They got me to the back and quickly drew Vial #1 of blood and asked me to down the "fruit punch" drink. It was sweeter than the "orange flavored" drink of the first test. But again, not so bad. Um. Until about 10 minutes later. I think the combination of not having eaten for 8 hours, getting my blood drawn, and drinking liquid sugar gave me a mild case of nausea and a serious case of gut rot. The funny side effect was that Baby (not sure if it loved it or hated it) decided to do the Riverdance in my belly shortly after the drink. I have this image, and sensation, of Baby standing up in my belly with its arms on its waist, quickly crossing and recrossing its ankles all the while smiling away. It makes me laugh when Mark attempts to recreate my image.

The good news is that it keeps me from feeling starved. I've now finished Vials #2 and #3. About 30 more minutes until the final Vial #4 and then we're outta here to go find some Chik-fil-A to get the day back on the right track!

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